Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ballet Shoes

So after the hottest shower on earth my body feels relaxed enough to start a small post about the newest addition to my shoe collection, a brand new, scuff, rip, gaping hole, and gaffer tape free pair of ballet shoes for my upcoming dance class at Neptune Theatre School (more on school later).

I've been dancing on and off since I was about six years old. I took ballet, tap, jazz and even dabbled in swing in my late teens but never took to dance really seriously except as a form of exercise or the occasional drunken night in university (ie: not that long ago I just like to think I've matured incredibly in the past 2-3 months). But come fall I will be back into regular dance classes and I can't wait!

And so the time has come to get new dance shoes as I have been using the same black leather ballet shoes for the past several years and they are a little....worse for wear:

Exhibit A: The Old Girls

These shoes have seen me through several dance classes, at least 10 shows, and countless hours of rehearsal. I'm pretty sure I spent at least 3 months at a time never taking them off. I have sewn them back together about five or six times and they now have some very well placed gaffers tape keeping them from disintegrating in my hands. The Old Girls are very precious to me but will not suffice for another year of dancing. And so enter.....

Exhibit B: The New Girls in Town (next to the Old Girls)

As you can see, a much better prospect for class, though it's going to take some time to get them to the comfort level the old ones have.

And though I can't wear them anymore the Old Girls will be kept as a keepsake, who could bear to throw out a stinky old pair of ballet slippers? Not me.

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