About Me

True facts
1. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Grew up in Toronto, Ontario
3. Went to Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in May 2010
4. I now live in Halifax, Nova Scotia
5. I focused in photography at school but spend more time in the theatre than in the lab
6. When I grow up I want to be an actor/photographer/make-up artist/costume designer/caterpiller
7. If I could survive on cupcakes I would

True facts I wish weren't
1. I once tried to feed a dead guinea pig ( I was four)
2. I played t-ball until I was about seven or eight until I got a bloody nose from a ball to the face and refused to play anymore
3. Both my sister and I were diagnosed with epilepsy for completely unrelated, non-genetic reasons.
4. I'm 5'2 1/2 (I often round up a bit...or more)

Blatant lies I wish were true
1. I have naturally red hair (I've been dying it red since I was 14, that's got to count for something)
2. I'm way to cool for school (I'm definitely more of a nerd/geek/dork right to the very core, office and school supplies are my porn)
3. I like to cook (I very, very, very occasionally will enjoy cooking. Baking? Completely different story)

Cast of Characters
These are the people that make up my life and will most likely make appearances in my writings. Initials and nicknames are used to keep me from getting beat up.

F- My best friend for the last nine years or so, my roommate for the last four and the only other pea in my pod. Goodness knows we've tried to rid ourselves of each other but we can't seem to make it work. We're inseparable. Years from now we'll be the two old ladies on your block with 50 cats who yell at squirrels and teenagers from the front porch.

Mum- My mother of course. We like to watch really bad movies, teenage soap opera like Dawson's Creek and 90210, wander through museums, and count the number of people wearing Burberry apparel in it's signature plaid pattern. She lives a few skips across the Atlantic in London, England now so we talk on Skype and occasionally visit. 

Vancouver Dad- My biological father. The name says it all in terms of location. He and my mum split up before I was born but I have always gotten to spend time with him. Even when we moved to Toronto I would spend my summers out west. We do adventurous things like camping, road trips, biking and ski/snowboarding. Although I can't spend seven weeks at a time in B.C anymore, I still try my best to go out there during holidays to visit.

Boston Dad- He is technically my "stepfather" but no one would really know it. He and my mum got together well before I can remember but split up when I was ten; I always spent half my time at his house after that. He's always been like another father and I don't see him any other way. He was the one who really introduced me to art. We spend time in art galleries, shopping and eating good food. He's lived in Boston and Japan and now has settled in Florida until the fall when he'll return to Boston.

J- My stepmother and Boston Dad's wife. I couldn't have asked for a better stepmom. They were married when I was thirteen. We like to shop, have a mutual love to Paris (even though I've never been, I know I love it) and will both always be princesses (you're never too old to be a princess).

Sister- She is almost eleven years older than me so until I was about sixteen we never had much in common. I used to go into her room and steal all the loose change off her bedroom floor (not the big stuff, mostly pennies and nickles). Now I love out east and she still lives in Toronto so we don't see each other much but when I visit we watch bad movies; like " Zombie Strippers" (not joking), and she drags me out to the bar and buys me pitchers of rye and ginger and constantly says that she can't believe her little sister is old enough to drink. Gotta love sisters!

Grandma- My mum's mum (say that five times fast). She lived with us on and off when I was younger and then more permanently while I was in high school. She away always a little tough, not your average grandmother, but she also taught me to paint and draw, let me help her decorate MASSIVE gingerbread houses, and made me cream of chicken noodle soup when I was sick. She still lives in Toronto with her cat Bobby; who has teddy bear ears.

Banana and Fig- F's cats. They would have been joined by my little monster, Smudge, but the bugger ran away. He'll be back someday, I'm sure. Banana is the older of the two. We got him in our third year as a companion for Smudge. He's a two year old orange tabby who gets separation anxiety and has a skin condition that makes him lick all the fur off around his tail. He often wears the cone of shame. Fig is a new additional F got a couple months ago as a companion for Banana. She is about ten weeks old and a little grey fluff-ball with a foot fetish and a preoccupation with with any part of your face when you lie down. Having cats like ours is an adventure.

The Bennetts: Very long time family friends. My parents (Mum + Boston Dad) met L and P in Toronto when we moved there in the early 90's. L was my brownie leader for three years and helped me get my cooking badge. They moved to Nova Scotia and invited me to visit when I decided to go to school in New Brunswick. Since graduating they have taken me in for the summer and I even work for the same company and P. They have two boys, R and G, who are nine and thirteen years old and are like little brothers to me, which includes all the annoying things about little brothers. 

So that explains many of the people and animals who will appear in my posts! 

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