Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

The snow has arrived! Today at about 2:20pm little white fluffy stuff began to swirl around in a death trap of Sackville wind. The snow was nice, the wind was not.

Now if you don't know Sackville New Brunswick I'm hear to tell you it is the windiest place on the face of the earth. Why the "gods" 'Mount' Allison decided place a university in the middle of a wind tunnel is beyond me, but they did and now all the students get to be pushed and pulled around campus by hurricane force winds almost everyday.

But besides the wind I'm all in favour of the snow. Snow and Christmas are pretty much the only two things about winter that I do like. That is until Christmas is over, and your tree is looking like one owned by Charlie Brown, and the snow starts to get brown and gross. About February every year I suddenly get an uber longing for summer, not spring, summer. But for now I welcome the snow and look forward to snow fights, tobogganing on meal hall trays, and skating on the swan pond.


Update: Here is the aftermath of yesterday's snow storm!

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boo said...

I usually want the snow out my New Year's Eve so I can wear a perty dress and perty shoes without freezing off my toes and nibblets