Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I had to post again to talk about the wonderfulness that is Tintamarre. It is a bilingual theatre troupe that collaborates here at Mount Allison each fall semester on an idea that becomes a play. This year's show is Argument, about a young girl turns to her journal after an argument with her family. The journal then comes alive and hilarity and fun ensues.

This is my first year participating in the show. I have seen the two previous shows before me, Floralie and Trocshop, and have finally joined this year. So far I've had a wonderful experience with all the people involved. It's a big group, with 33 actors in the show, so I've met lots of new friends.

The process started in September with weekly meetings to talk and improv and collaborate on characters, plot, set, and costumes. By October our director had a script containing many of our ideas, ready to start casting. The casting was also collacorative, with everyone trying for different parts and recommending others for roles. Since then we've been rehearsing lines and blocking and today we are a week away from opening night.

One interesting challenge for me in this show has been that I don't read/speak/understand French that well, and since 70% of the show is French it has proved to be a learning experience. But I'm getting better. I'm slowly beginning to understand things more and my pronunciation is not too bad. Soon I'll be chatting with the best of 'em.

So if you're around Wednesday November 26th through Saturday November 29th come see Argument! Pictures from rehearsal are coming soon!


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